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Alas begins my obsession with making cards!  I will post more in detail about how I made these in later posts as well as start posting those who inspire me the most, but for now, I will just show you the handful of cards that I have created. Enjoy! 🙂

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In April of 2015, my best friend, Jessica and I celebrated her birthday at Painting with a Twist in Murfreesboro, TN and we soon became addicted. For as long as our finances would allow, we made a monthly date to get together and have some wine, catch up, and paint some fantastic things! We soon learned that we could go to YouTube and also get some pointers, so we moved venues to either my place or hers and painted some beauties!

Some from Painting with a Twist…


A couple from The Art Sherpa on YouTube…

One from Ginger Cook

File_000 (11)

One from Angela Anderson


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Here is some of my jewelry that I started making.

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