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My Beginning

After I moved in with a co-worker and had a roommate, we became best of friends!  We helped each other with paying bills, entering “adulthood” in our twenties, introducing each other to new musics, foods, entertainment, adult beverages, and hobbies.  We both had a disturbing addiction to books and book collecting.  After all, we met when I was managing a local bookstore.  In a two bedroom apartment, between the two of us, we had about 8 5-shelf bookshelves that were overflowing!  I still have a book addiction, but after moving 8 times in about 5 years, I decided I need to cut back..sadly.

Lucky for me, our local bookstore was located in the same shopping plaza as a JoAnn Fabric store!  One day, I was bored on my lunch hour, so I decided to mosey on over and see what these crafters were all engrossed in.  Low and behold, my obsession started that day!  I went home and told my new roomie all about what I found and the look on her face was so devious and full of excitement! Over the next week, she let me use some of her crafting supplies and I became OBSESSED with making jewelry! That weekend, we went into JoAnn’s together and she helped me buy all of the goodies I would need to get started and so began my life-long hobby of crafting!

I experimented with several designs and using different types of materials.  I made jewelry for everyone!  Even the children of new friends that I had yet to meet.  I came up with these crazy idea that I could sell my jewelry and quit my day job and make a career doing what I loved (as if I didn’t love books! haha) so I started an Etsy page.  How devastating that was!  I had no idea I was so late to the jewelry making game and there were so many pages full of quality, handmade jewelry.  Roomie and I decided to go in together and become part of several craft shows to try and sell our pretties.  That too proved to be full of stress and disappointment.  Creating a wonderful booth on a budget proved to be challenging and non-existent, but we did what we could.  I think we did about 4 shows in that first year, and never once broke even on the cost of the booth let alone the cost of the supplies and the time it took to create our beauties.  I wasn’t ready to give up.  I started making earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for all of the women in my life for birthdays, holidays, and any chance I could!  I made my mom (who still lives in Michigan) many “thinking of you” gifts since I knew she was a jewelry junkie! 🙂

Fast forward a few years when I somehow landed a job at a sewing machine company, where that passion began! I love learning and discovered that I love to craft.  Something about being able to create beautiful treasures from my own two hands that someone would love and could start conversations with strangers, made me realize I needed to jump in and learn to sew.  And learn to sew I did! I had such wonderful coworkers that were so passionate about this craft!  While this took a lot more planning, time, and re-doing things when you messed up (I love the person that invented the seam ripper!), I still loved it! Each one of my nieces and nephews have received a blanket made with love when they were born.

Then, I stumbled upon my newest fascination: card-making!  I don’t have much of a story here yet, but I will say that Facebook groups, YouTube, and other bloggers have encouraged me to create things I never thought were possible!  I just made my first shaker card this week! Who knew!?  Hopefully this blog with help share my story and creativity with the rest of the world! 🙂  Sit back, relax, and enjoy!! ❤


2 responses to “My Beginning

  1. Sandi says:

    Keep working at it! Being a craft-a-holic is a good thing and so much fun! Never give up on your passions and keep trying new things. I’m hoping to get a new blog up soon.


  2. Suzie says:

    Awww, I miss our roomie crafting days! The inspiration just flowed so easily back then.

    Send me a card! It would make checking the mail a highlight of my day.


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